Founded and managed by world-class musicians

S&C Junior is managed by world-class musicians who have themselves studied at the most renowned music universities and benefited from the highest music education available in the world today. Thanks to their astonishing background, they are, therefore in the ideal position to select the right music instructors for your children’s excellent music instruction.

An immense sense of creativity, imagination and inspiration is necessary to accomplish such a task, so playing the piano will help you develop the artistic side of your brain.

Lessons offered by highly qualified music instructors

Studying with instructors who have benefited from the advice of the greatest music masters is essential to ensure that your children will attend music lessons of the highest quality. Poor music instruction would result in your children`s poor performance and a lack of enthusiasm for music playing in their adulthood.

Expert advice for exceptional music lessons

Benefiting from the advice of expert music instructors is essential for excellent music education. Music playing is an art that must be studied in the right manner from day one, and we are delighted to offer this wonderful privilege to your lovely children.

A fantastic instruction provided by highly experienced music instructors

As in all fields, having a broad experience is essential to know how to approach each child and offer suitable music instruction. It takes several years to understand the needs of each young pupil as well the most appropriate teaching approach to be used.

Flexible teaching

As each pupil is different, we always adapt to the specific needs and personality of each of our music students, instead of following a set curriculum that might not be suitable. Learning how to play music is a very personal journey, and we believe that this fact must be respected to achieve the most significant results.

Enjoyable music lessons

In addition to offering music lessons of the highest quality, we believe in passing our love for music on to the next generation. Hence, we always ensure that our pupils study in an encouraging and supportive environment and have wonderful memories of their education at S & C Junior.

The highest education in a gorgeous environment

As music is an art, we have taken great care in designing our studios to ensure that your children attend their music lessons in a stunning and creative environment.