You will increase your child’s creativity & intelligence

Playing music is an extremely creative activity, as the primary purpose is to use the instrument to interpret a piece of music sometimes written more than 200 years ago. During this process, your child will be required to analyse the score to understand its meaning and to perform it by using his or her creativity while respecting the personality of the composer.

An immense sense of creativity, imagination and inspiration is necessary to accomplish such a task, so playing music will help your child develop a keener intellect and help to improve their IQ, creativity and mathematical abilities.

Help your child gain confidence

Playing a musical instrument will help your child gain confidence as it requires them to make decisions on their own. It is always gratifying for your child to hear what they have created yourself. (In the early days of learning and playing, his or her teacher will help them with decision making, but the process will become more autonomous for them as time goes by!)

The process of learning a new piece of music is fantastic. Your child will start from nothing, practise, improve, and finally get the fruits of their hard work, as farmers do during the harvest time.

The progression is fascinating and getting an assured reward after putting the effort in will certainly boosts their self-confidence and sense of achievement.

Your child will develop their memory

Learning how to play music develops memory. Your child will learn a brand new vocabulary – the music vocabulary and will have to use their memory similar to when they will need to learn a foreign language.

It is also advised for your child to play a piece by memory once they are ready to perform.

When they no longer need to look at the score, then they can solely focus on the sound that they are producing.

Once your child will play more advanced pieces of music, it could be extraordinarily challenging for him or her to follow the score and perform technical difficulties. Knowing the composition by heart will once again be necessary for your child in this scenario.

Your child will improve their social skills

Joining chamber music sessions, group band sessions, or participating in duet classes is an excellent opportunity for your child to develop their listening abilities.

Playing with others will force them to become more aware of their environment. Slight timing or dynamic errors could be acceptable while practicing by alone, but it becomes unsatisfactory when playing in a group or a duet format.

Your child will learn how to adapt their playing to their surrounding and therefore make their performance sound more accurate.

It’s simply a fantastic way for them to improve!

Your child will discover and understand the world of music

Having an advanced musical culture is necessary to ensure excellent performance. Playing music will, therefore, encourage your child to develop their musical knowledge, and discover the beautiful and extraordinary world of music.

They will be introduced to the language of each composer as well as the language of music itself, including the construction of melody, rhythm and harmony.

Giving your child the chance to discover the world of music in a serious education setting is one of the most prestigious gifts that you can give your child! Music will lift them to a higher realm, and help them develop critical thinking skills. Children who study music often develops a keener and finer intellect.

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